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Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning
Aircon Treatment
Sol-X Aircon Treatment 200ML
Sol-X Aircon Treatment has been exclusively formulated to:
  • Destroy and disinfect fungus, mildew and bad odours.
  • Kill harmful bacteria in the aircon system
  • Leave behind a fresh fragrance
  • Easy to use
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Air Conditioner Treatment
Tecsol Aircon Treatment 200ML Foam

Tecsol Aircon Treatment 400ML
A foam based treatment formulated to kill bacteria, mould and mildew. Eliminates unpleasant odours and prevents further fungal growth.

Spray into aircon vents with fan running - in accordance with instructions on tin. Available in two sizes of 200ml and 400ml to suit the vehicle being treated.
Air Conditioner Stop Leak
Sol-X Aircon Sanitiser Pro
Sol-X Aircon Sanitiser Pro has been exclusively formulated as a non flammable, easy to use, safe solution to eliminate odours emitted from air conditioning systems. It will kill bacteria, mould and fungi found throughout the airconditioning system and will also effectively deodorise the vehicle cabin.
  • Kills bacteria mould and fungi found in the airconditioning system
  • Eliminates odours
  • Deodorises vehicle cabin
  • Non flammable
  • Easy application
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Aircon Sanitizer
Tecsol Aircon Sanitizer (Bomb) 150ML Aerosol
A new generation of aircon treatment, with the ability to deep clean the system. Kills bacteria and fungi on the evaporator as well as treating the air ducts and vents.

The product slow releases the treatment inside the car whilst the aircon system operates. The complete treatment takes about 15 mins. .
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Aircon Restore
Sol-X Aircon System Re-Store + UV DYE 150GRM
Sol-X Aircon System Re-Store + UV Dye has been exclusively formulated to re-store the performance of vehicle air-conditioning systems. It will top up the essential additives lost through natural wear use and ensure your system will “blow as cold as it used to when it was new”
It contains
  • R134A Refrigerant
  • Stop Leak - to Inhibit refrigerant leakage through the flexible parts of the system
  • PAG Oil – to lubricate and quieten noisy compressor
  • O-Ring Conditioner - to improve durability
  • Cool-Down – to improve cooling by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • U.V Leak Finder Dye – to detect refrigerant leaks
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Tecsol Aircon Stop Leak 200ML
A comprehensive package.

Contains R134a refrigerant. Stop Leak - to inhibit loss of refrigerant through flexible parts of the system. Oil charge - PAG oil to lubricate and quieten noisy compressors. O-ring conditioner - to improve durability. Cool-down - to improve cooling. UV leak finder dye - to detect refrigerant leaks.

Charge hose is available separately.
Sol-X Refrigerant Boost 340GRM
  • Pure R134a in a can
  • Top up system refrigerant without the need for expensive re-charge equipment
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Aircon Refrigerant
Tecsol Refrigerant Boost 340GRM
340gm refrigerant refill containing 1,1,1,2 - Tetrafluoroethane CH2 FCF3 gas.

Aircon Charge Hose (AC2138B)

Aircon Gauge (AC2214)

Hose and gauge for use on low pressure (under 170psi) side of system. Compatible with R134a gas canister.
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